Casinos That Have Embraced Sustainability

Sustainability Casinos

Casinos are elegant establishments that the gambling enthusiasts visit for placing their bets and hoping for a big win. Some of them are well-known for hosting live entertainment, such as concerts and stand-up comedy shows. In a way, the main purpose of casinos is to provide their visitors with some fabulous entertainment. This is why you’ll mostly find restaurants, hotels, and shopping spaces within a casino.

Those massive casino complexes appear far from being eco-friendly. The ones who carry this impression about casinos in their minds are not at fault. For many years, they’ve been one of the many establishments responsible for carbon emissions. Today, most of these casinos have begun valuing eco-friendliness. Here are some of the big names in casinos that have moved towards sustainability. Also online casinos are contributing to preserve sustainability by their virtual nature. You want know more about real money online casino? Have a look at

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace has been friendlier to Mother Nature since 2010, when it won the Environmental Leader Award. This massive casino resort has become a shining example of sustainability, prompting several other casinos to follow its footsteps. Among the most commendable efforts that Caesars has taken is the partnership of the corporation with ‘Clean the World’.

It is an organization that donates discarded or unused toiletries to the underdeveloped places of the world. Wherever possible, Caesars has also taken tremendous efforts to reduce waste. The staff members of the casino have been educated and trained to sort waste efficiently. This makes it easier for recycling plants to collect all the waste materials.

Mandalay Bay

This giant casino resort has been receiving a lot of praise for its eco-friendly outlook since a long time. Over the years, it has taken systematic efforts in reducing food waste. To help the environment, they source the food items that are grown locally. Mandalay Bay does the recycling work right at the casino, thus sorting its waste. It also keeps a close eye on its energy efficiency.

It’s pretty obvious that a massive amount of energy is needed to power this casino resort. However, Mandalay Bay does its best to ensure that it operates as efficiently as possible. It also takes great efforts to help the local community. For instance, it donates discarded bed sheets and pillows to the Nevada charity, which prevents cruelty to animals.

Mandalay Bay is home to the Shark Reef Aquarium, which is one of Las Vegas’s biggest attractions. This magnificent aquarium also operates in an environment-friendly manner. The proceeds from this attraction go towards initiatives for education and conservation.

The Venetian Macau

In Macau, the newest casino capital of the world, this casino resort is a leader in sustainability. It has recently come up with exclusive spaces for parking electric vehicles. With this, The Venetian Macau has taken a great step towards eco-consciousness. Bringing in the Tesla-driving crowd would certainly impact the air-quality positively over the long term.

The casino resort has also taken considerable efforts in reducing its food waste. It is yet another step in the direction of reducing the establishment’s carbon footprint. When the casino changed to LED lighting, it saved enough electricity to power thousands of homes every year.

It has received the Macau Green Platinum Award for all the efforts it has taken towards eco-friendliness. Although China is not known for being a nation that’s environment-friendly, this casino resort has surely set an example. Hopefully, all its eco-friendly initiatives would inspire other industries in the country.

MGM Grand

This casino recently joined the game of eco-friendliness by getting rid of to-go containers and plastic straws completely. With this significant shift, the corporation managed to reduce several thousand pounds of waste from all its properties. MGM has now become the face of sustainability and reduced carbon footprint in the industry.

The corporation has built its corporate structure with eco-friendliness as one of its major goals. Even its high-level executives work towards making their properties run with greater energy-efficiency. This would completely transform the way business is done in the world of casinos.

Resorts World Sentosa

A vast property spread across 121 acres, Resorts World Sentosa is an immensely popular casino resort in Singapore. It is a relatively new casino resort. Right from its inception, the necessary steps were taken to construct it in an eco-friendly way.

It houses the SEA Aquarium, which donates a part of its proceeds for the protection of wildlife and aquatic habitats. This is only one among the other measures that it has taken for saving the environment. Resorts World Sentosa can host more than 15,000 guests. It recently made a move to use paper straws instead of the ones made of plastic. This might not seem like a significant move to you, but it has a big impact.

The simple move will save more than 2,700 pounds of plastic from going to landfills. Resorts World Sentosa is constantly looking for new ways of helping out Mother Earth that are also financially viable. This casino resort is a leader in the country’s casino and tourism industry. So, any of its moves would surely have a trickle-down effect.

Turtle Creek Casino

This elegant casino is located in the state of Michigan in the United States. For several decades, this casino has served as a great venue for gambling enthusiasts. Recently, it has done something that’s quite similar to a tactic used by grocery stores and retailers. Since quite a long time, the clockless and windowless design has been the industry standard.

This had began long before the first casinos came up in the desert landscape of Las Vegas. It was a part of the casinos’ strategy to keep the players at the games for a longer duration. The casinos without clocks and windows made the players lose track of time. They were so hooked on the games that they forgot about the attractions, meals, and even sleep.

Turtle Creek thought of a different way of doing business. In the year 2008, the casino installed big skylights, which utilized the natural light to a great extent. This simple move from the casino reduced half of its energy consumption in the years that followed.

Sibaya Casino

This casino located in the South African coastal city, Durban. It takes its adherence to sustainability very seriously and has implemented it in every single area of its operations. The casino encourages its guests as well as staff members to recycle and reuse. It uses all of the food wastes for compost.

This leaves almost no waste as the compost pile also acts as a wormery, thus speeding up the process. Such measures adopted by the casino to reduce food wastes have brought down its carbon footprint considerably. They’ve also enhanced its beauty and elegance.

How Sustainable Engineers Ensure a Better Future

Sustainable engineering

There are more than seven billion people on this planet today. Every day, all these individuals use the planet’s resources to survive and thrive. All forms of life on Earth need the environment and the natural resources coming from it for their existence. Some of these natural resources include plants, water, and minerals.

There are certain natural resources that you can’t replace after their use. Besides, you’ll also find some that can have negative impacts on the wider environment. One of these impacts is pollution, which has been constantly degrading the air quality of the planet.

It’s quite obvious that a continued access to these resources is absolutely necessary. To ensure this, people need to interact with their natural environment in the right manner. This is, perhaps, the only way for humans to have enough resources for the generations to come.

We can confront all these problems using sustainable solutions. Sustainability involves finding all sorts of ways to protect and preserve our natural environment. This would help us live our lives without worrying about not having enough natural resources for the future.

Sustainable engineering

Sustainable engineering involves designing and operating systems that ensure sustainable living. It ensures that the systems and processes that individuals and corporations use don’t compromise on the availability of resources. It plays a major role in preventing the depletion of natural resources and thus preserving them for future generations.

Sustainable engineering impacts every single aspect of our routine lives and we may not even realize it. It can be used in the irrigation systems and the removing and breaking down of waste products. It can also be used in housing and shelter, energy development and consumption, and transportation.

The responsibility of a sustainable engineer

A sustainable engineer designs technologies and implements several processes and systems to prevent and control risks to the environment. It is also the responsibility of the sustainable engineer to restore and reverse environmental damage. Such an engineer can also be called an ‘environmental engineer’. A strong foundation in science, engineering, and geography is essential for an individual in this role.

Such individuals design processes and systems that deal with many other environmental issues. These issues include pollution, climate change, and energy crisis. The daily responsibilities of sustainable engineers would depend on the industry and their specific role in it. Here are some of the tasks that are usually performed by sustainable engineers:

1. Collecting data

This involves gathering information using various methods. Some of them are on-site assessments and browsing through third-party reports and websites.

2. Evaluation of environmental impact

Once the data has been collected from the reliable sources, the next step is evaluating the environmental impact. This involves assessment and evaluation of the impacts of the projects and operations.

3. Preparing reports

After studying the impacts of various commercial operations and projects, the sustainable engineers need to present their findings. They prepare reports, which contain all their findings and recommendations. These reports then go to the stakeholders with suggestions on costs and considerations with regards to health and safety.

4. Engaging with the local communities

A sustainable engineer might also engage the local residents and organizations to communicate certain concerns. In this process, he or she may even share the details of projects to educate the local communities.

3 Possible Scenarios That Can End Life on Earth

Super Volcano

Many among the scientists are of the opinion that humans have a long time left on the planet. It’s highly possible that it could amount to millions of years. If the dinosaurs were around for about 135 million years, the humans with their intelligence could survive even longer. However, there are a few science-based global risks that can end human life on Earth.

Some of them can be a gradual process resulting from uncontrolled human activities. Others could be a natural event, which we can’t prevent even with the advanced technologies that we have today. So, here are the three possible scenarios that can end life on Earth:

1. Nuclear war

We have already seen the destructive power of nuclear weapons during the Second World War. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States undoubtedly had disastrous effects. Still, they couldn’t wipe out the entire human population on Earth. A nuclear war could bring an end to humanity only under very special circumstances.

Even the exchanges larger than the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki won’t be enough to end the human race. Of course, it might wipe out the entire populations of the major countries. Despite the large-scale destruction, there would be places where the humans might survive.

The real problem would be the possibility of a nuclear winter. If a significant number of nuclear weapons are detonated, the global temperatures would fall dramatically. This would seriously effect food production, making it impossible for human life to survive.

2. Major asteroid impact

A large asteroid is believed to have caused a mass extinction event on Earth 66 million years ago. The impact of this asteroid created the Chicxulub crater, which is now buried underneath Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This event caused the extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs.

Nearly 75% of the planet’s plant and animal species had become extinct due to the asteroid impact. There’s a possibility that there could be such an impact sometime in the future. Our only hope is NASA’s ability to keep an eye on the asteroids. They can track asteroids that are capable of seriously impacting human life.

There have been rapid improvements in the detection efforts over the years. Scientists are also trying to develop new ways to deflect asteroids from their path. One of them is crashing a spacecraft with a significant force into an asteroid.

3. Supervolcano

Large volcanic eruptions are also capable of causing mass extinctions just like the asteroids. Such large volcanoes are called supervolcanoes. The best example of a supervolcano causing mass extinction is the Permian–Triassic extinction event.

It happened approximately 251 million years ago and caused the extinction of 90 percent of the species on Earth. Such volcanic eruptions result in significant global cooling, disrupting agriculture across the planet. What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they can’t be prevented.

An event like Permian–Triassic won’t possibly happen on human timescales. However, even a smaller eruption can also have devastating effects on the climate, food supplies, and biosphere. These events might also lead to political instability around the world.